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Korsolex PAA Ready to Use

Korsolex PAA Ready to Use
4-15 Days

Korsolex PAA Ready to Use

Ready-to-use Korsolex®PAA is suitable for disinfecting all types of heat-resistant 

and heat-sensitive instruments such as endoscopes, laparoscopes, anesthesia equipment. 

The solution does not need to be diluted before use. Comprehensive effectiveness.


Bactericidal , Tuberculicidal , Fungicide , Virucidal 

against Enveloped Viruses , Virucidal , Sporicidal

For the safe disinfection of heat-sensitive medical devices.

Disinfectant liquid for instruments.

It disinfects and annihilates less resistant viruses and bacteria, 

it does not dispense with the use of an autoclave.

Bactericidal, Tuberculicidal, Fungicide, Virucidal 

against encapsulated viruses, Virucidal, Sporicidal.

Excellent compatibility with materials.

It can be used in an ultrasonic bath.

Additional information:

– Ready to use.

– Easy to apply.

– No aldehydes.

– Based on peracetic acid.

– High-level disinfection.

– Activator included.

Korsolex PAA Ready to Use
  • : 4-15 Days
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