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Easy Tattoo Cream healing cream

Easy Tattoo Cream healing cream

Easy Tattoo Cream 50 ml tattoo healing cream

Formulated to be hypoallergenic and developed specifically for tattooing, 

the tattoo cream moisturizes and favors the restructuring of the skin barrier.

Soothes irritation from the tattoo. 

Tested under dermatological control, offers excellent skin tolerance.

No glue or stain.


•Without Parabens


•Allows for a 62% increase in moisture levels in the upper layers of the skin after the first hour of application

•It has an important restructuring action (after 3 days of use) allowing the rapid healing of the tattooed area

•It's sold in an airless bottle, an unbreakable airtight system. It prevents oxidation and guarantees the purity of the formula until its last use.

or stored in a small tube, perfect for pocketing


External Use, Do Not Swallow

Avoid eye contact

Keep out of reach of children

Easy Tattoo Cream healing cream
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