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Piranha Adjustable Disposable Cartridge Grips Piranha Adjustable Disposable Cartridge Grips
4-15 Days
Disposable grip for Piranha brand cartridges, with 30mm ergonomic grip and adjustable needle output adjustment.Black non-slip rubber, an excellent option to avoid cross contamination.•Disposable, single-use cartridge grip•Needle output adjustment•30 mm thick•Silicone grip, non-slip•Er..
Piranha Round Liner Cartridges, made with high quality Long Taper needles.Long Taper needles are very sharp and thin, pierce the skin more easily and with less trauma.Thicknesses of 0.25mm, 0.30mm and 0.35mm are available,you should choose the thickness according to the type of line y..
Revolution Disposable Round TipsTips high quality acrylicBox of 50 Units..
Piranha Premium Disposable Grip Round 32mmHigh Quality Grips32mm thicknessNew rubber reducees vibrationRubber and Tip manufactured as piece, thus avoiding slippageMaximum comfortNew Tip increases pigment flow in the needleThe walls tip are very thin, promoting greater sensitivity and accur..
Piranha Adhesive Tape Roll Can be used to attach dressings and tattoo materials. The crepe paper makes it easy to cut and does not require scissors.50M x 20 mm..
Piranha Antiseptic Soap
4-15 Days
Piranha Antiseptic Soapis a liquid detergent with a sanitizing and deodorizing action expressly formulated for perfect hand hygiene for those who work in the food industry or in a hospital environment. The advanced formula combines two particular active principles that guara..
Piranha Disposable Cover for the Armrest Essential to protect the armrest from any type of dirt and contamination.Pack with 50 unitsBox with 8 packs..
Piranha Black Nitril GlovesPowderless Soft Nitril Black GlovesThis glove is highly suitable for tattooing and other activities, as it provides greater protection against accidental contact with the blood of a possible infectious disease client.This high protection does not take away the ab..
Piranha Black Surgical RazorsPiranha disposable razors were developed to shave the area of ​​the body before tattooing. The individual stainless steel blade and safety tabs provide a close, safe and clean pre-surgical hair removal.Single use disposable product to avoid cross contamination...
Piranha Straight Liner cartridges, made with high quality Long Taper needles.Long Taper needles are very sharp and thin, pierce the skin more easily and with less trauma.This configuration is manufactured exclusively in 0.35mm and welds 6.5mm above the needle tip to allow the loo..
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