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Piranha Black Surgical Razors

Piranha Black Surgical Razors

Piranha Black Surgical Razors

Piranha disposable razors were developed to shave the area of ​​the body before tattooing. 

The individual stainless steel blade and safety tabs provide a close, 

safe and clean pre-surgical hair removal.

Single use disposable product to avoid cross contamination.

Made with high quality stainless steel cutting blade. 

Made with safety tabs to shave safely and effectively.

Single-use and disposable product, 

you should use only one blade per client and per job, 

the use of the same blade on different occasions 

or in different clients may cause infectious contagious diseases 

or spread cross-contamination.

•Box with 100 units

•Black color

•Single stainless steel blade

•Plastic handle, easy grip

•Blade with anti-cut protective cover

•Single use disposable


Piranha Black Surgical Razors
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