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Piranha Black Nitril Gloves

Piranha Black Nitril Gloves

Piranha Black Nitril Gloves

Powderless Soft Nitril Black Gloves

This glove is highly suitable for tattooing and other activities,

 as it provides greater protection against accidental contact 

with the blood of a possible infectious disease client.

This high protection does not take away the ability 

to handle delicate instruments or loss of sensitivity 

and medical acts are also indicated where greater protection is required.

Very comfortable and ideal for all procedures 

and for all areas that need hand protection.

Nitril gloves are recommended for all consumers who are allergic to Latex 

and for all procedures involving direct contact with petroleum compounds 

(which break down the Latex glove and in turn eliminate the glove's protection factor)

Indicated for tattoo & piercing studios, medical clinics, veterinary clinics, beauty and aesthetic institutes, workshops, cleaning companies, etc ...

Indicated for tattoo, piercing, sterilization, cleaning, maintenance, etc ...

Box of 100 units.

Piranha Black Nitril Gloves
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