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Skin Care

Easy Tattoo Cream 50 ml tattoo healing creamFormulated to be hypoallergenic and developed specifically for tattooing, the tattoo cream moisturizes and favors the restructuring of the skin barrier.Soothes irritation from the tattoo. Tested under dermatological control, offers excellent skin..
META Black Alcohol Gel META Black Alcohol Gel
-17 %
META Black Alcohol Gel of fast effectiveness in eliminating germs from the hands.PET bottle 500ml with dispenserStatus:BiocideIngredients:•Ethyl alcohol partially denatured at 70% (v / v)•Water•Glycerin•Pro-vitamin B5•Gelling agent•Instructions for use:Place enough product to cover the entire s..
5.00€ 6.00€
Nalgene Non Autoclavable Wash Bottles•Ideal for using Soap or Green Soap•Very hygienic, just squeeze the bottle to vaporize the liquid•It is recommended to use Wash Bottle Bags to insulate this product•500 ml..
Piranha Antiseptic Soapis a liquid detergent with a sanitizing and deodorizing action expressly formulated for perfect hand hygiene for those who work in the food industry or in a hospital environment. The advanced formula combines two particular active principles that guara..
Piranha Black Surgical RazorsPiranha disposable razors were developed to shave the area of ​​the body before tattooing. The individual stainless steel blade and safety tabs provide a close, safe and clean pre-surgical hair removal.Single use disposable product to avoid cross contamination...
Piranha Green Soap Mintwith new formula, packaging and mint fragrance.It is a specific antiseptic soap for cleaning the skin with mint essential oil, epileptic extracts, witch hazel and linden.For professional use. Made with pure vegetable oils and glycerine, this soap is biodegradabl..
Piranha Yellow Petroleum Jelly Yellow Vaseline Piranha is known for its protective, soothing and healing properties.It offers effective results, whether while tattooing or for skin care afterwards.•Quantity: 250ml and 1000ml•No oils•Very thin Vaseline..
Aluminum Vaporizer•With a capacity of 280 ml•Ideal for filling with Soap or Green Soap..
4-15 Days
CutaseptColorless propanol skin antiseptic. For use before injections, punctures and surgical procedures with fast and comprehensive activity.•Colorless•Acts quickly and widely 24 hours long lasting effect•Excellent skin tolerability•Particularly economical through application aids..
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