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Cleaning & Sterilization

AP Medical Hospital Waste Containerto place all products that pose a risk of contamination, such as needles. It has a handle to facilitate transport and a lid with a temporary and permanent closing system, which makes it impossible to reopen.Made of high strength polypropylene.Av..
Bacillol, ready-to-use rapid disinfection with comprehensive activity spectrum for alcohol resistant surfaces and medical devices. It is suitable for areas, which need quick exposure and drying without leaving residues.Bactericide , Microbactericide , Fungicide , Virucide against encapsulated viruse..
4-15 Days
Baktolin® Pure, Washing lotion that provides a gentle and pleasant cleaning of your hands.It has a neutral pH for the skin and is formulated without color and odor. Gently cleanses and preserves the skin's protective layer. Particularly sensitive users can benefit from this product,&n..
Korsolex PAA Ready to Use
4-15 Days
Korsolex PAA Ready to UseReady-to-use Korsolex®PAA is suitable for disinfecting all types of heat-resistant and heat-sensitive instruments such as endoscopes, laparoscopes, anesthesia equipment. The solution does not need to be diluted before use. Comprehensive effectiveness.Characteristic..
META Black Alcohol Gel META Black Alcohol Gel
-17 %
META Black Alcohol Gel of fast effectiveness in eliminating germs from the hands.PET bottle 500ml with dispenserStatus:BiocideIngredients:•Ethyl alcohol partially denatured at 70% (v / v)•Water•Glycerin•Pro-vitamin B5•Gelling agent•Instructions for use:Place enough product to cover the entire s..
5.00€ 6.00€
Stainless Steel Brush
4-15 Days
Stainless Steel BrushProper sterilization of instruments requires that all surfaces be physically clean before sterilization.This large stainless steel wire brush allows efficient cleaning of the outer surfaces of grips and instruments...
4-15 Days
CutaseptColorless propanol skin antiseptic. For use before injections, punctures and surgical procedures with fast and comprehensive activity.•Colorless•Acts quickly and widely 24 hours long lasting effect•Excellent skin tolerability•Particularly economical through application aids..
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