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Panthera Witch Hazel

Panthera Witch Hazel
4-15 Days

Panthera Witch Hazel 

is an alcohol-free product created to smooth the skin after tattooing, 

improves the healing of recent tattoos.

Panthera Witch Hazel uses an ancestral formula 

that preserves all the properties of plants without the presence of alcohol.

This allows you to obtain maximum action of the astringent, 

soothing and conditioning properties of witch hazel on the skin. 

On contact, it will cause the skin to contract 

while soothing and reducing redness and discomfort.

Witch hazel must be diluted with water 

and can also be used throughout the tattooing process.

Main features:

•Natural astringent

•Softens and soothes the skin, relieves irritations

•Purifies, tones the skin

•Friendly Vegan

•Not tested on animals

•Volume: 150ml

Panthera Witch Hazel
  • : 4-15 Days
  • : pntr-wth